Inge Bobbink

Delft 2022

Nov 23, 2021 _ Publication of Call

Jan 17 extended by Jan 24,  2022 _  Submission 1 

Feb 14, 2022 _ Notification of Acceptance

March 7, 2022 _ Submission 2

March 28 – April 1, 2022 _ Conference




Materials in the database




As the final to the CA2RE+ series under the themes of OBSERVATION and SHARING (STRATEGIES), COMPARISON and REFLECTION (EXPERIENCES), REFORMULATION and RECOMMENDATION (FRAMEWORK), the event for RECOMMENDATION in 2022 will provide a platform where both the learners and educators contribute to chartering future recommendations for DDDr. To combine the accumulated experience and knowledge in the previous events, the emphasis on the doctoral candidates experience and views within the DDDr programmes will play a key role both in the formulation and validation of the future recommendations within the project’s third phase, namely the FRAMEWORK.


DELFT Research Culture

As one of the largest architecture faculties in Europe, DELFT has a specific focus on design-oriented research. Combining the experience of many practitioners involved not only in education but also tied to the culture of scientific inquiry, the research programme regards the architectural project as the junction where a complex combination of cultural, social, functional, economic and ecological factors is articulated as a concrete spatial proposal. In this respect, the multi-disciplinary character of the education community at DELFT with diverse fields of expertise will provide an extensive platform to address the design-driven doctoral research entailing different types of outputs. The event will consist of keynotes, panels, workshops and round-table discussions. The exchange between the local PhD researchers and DDDr researchers’ experience combined with the evaluators’/supervisors’ will form the pivotal axis of the event. The panels will be complemented with round-table discussions, and case-specific learning/supervision presentations to help draw the guidelines for the final panel/workshop which the program leaders/participants conclude with the Charter of Recommendations for DDDr within and beyond EU.