CA2REPLUS / Course

The CA²RE+ training events (5 days) are organized together with the CA²RE Conferences (3 days).

Intensive Study Programmes

The CA²RE+ course is developed through 6 biannual LEARNING TEACHING TRAINING events: international/intercultural INTENSIVE STUDY PROGRAMMES – ISPs for doctoral candidates, guided by experienced evaluators from partners and invited experts. The DDDr work-in-progress is evaluated through presentations, performances, exhibitions and critical discussions, following the iterative CA2RE+ project steps: OBSERVATION, SHARING, COMPARISON, REFLECTION, REFORMULATION and RECOMMENDATION. The events are organized in Ghent, Trondheim, Milano, Hamburg, Ljubljana and Delft. Each host is responsible for one of the project steps. Each event is offered to 27 DDDr candidates (24 from abroad, 3 from the host) and 18 experienced evaluators (16 / abroad, 2 / host). Each event starts with the DDDr exhibition and the keynotes on the DDDr local tradition and relevant project step. Each candidate presents/performs his DDDr work-in-progress (30 min) and discusses with the evaluation panel (30 min). A reporter (partner member) prepares the findings for the event discussions and for the project development.

Joint Staff Training

To introduce new experts with low evaluation experience into the process and enable them equally contributing to the project intellectual outputs, a JOINT STAFF TRAINING (JST) is offered to 18 individuals (16 from abroad, 2 from the host), at each ISP occasion. Some of the participants are new to DDDr, but have some expertise in doctoral evaluation; others familiar with DDDr but less experienced in doctoral evaluation. The knowledge from one group is shared with the other, so that they don’t need an external ‘teacher’. The link with the JSP is provided by the experienced evaluator from the JSP group. The participants join the ISP keynote and learn through the ISP evaluation.