Hamburg 2021

Hafencity University Hamburg, Germany
CA²RE and CA²RE+
Chairs: Matthias Ballestrem
24. March, 2021 – 28. March, 2021

Online event


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Important dates:

Nov 23, 2020 _ Publication of Call for Abstracts
Jan 11_ Jan 24, 2021 _ Submission of Abstract – EXTENDED
Feb 08, 2021 _ Notification of Acceptance
Feb 28, 2021 _ Submission 2
Mar 24-28, 2021 _ Conference



Building on the themes of the previous events – OBSERVATION, SHARING and COMPARISON – the HAMBURG event will focus on REFLECTION. It will crystallize the observed strengths and weaknesses of design-driven research strategies, supervision and training. It will evaluate the current practice in connection, exchange and cooperation with other research disciplines. Thus, it is aiming to identify areas of future improvements and common developments. It will therefore contribute to the evaluation of the state of the art and prepare the basis for the subsequent project phase that is formulating and reformulating a FRAMEWORK for DDDr.


HAMBURG Research Culture

HAMBURG has a tradition in artistic-scientific research in the study program Metropolitan Culture and has a newly formed Architecture Research Initiative (ARI). While in the doctorates in Metropolitan Culture scientific writing is the dominant part of an artistic-scientific PhD project, the ARI is emphasizing the non-verbal, non-discursive knowledge production in architecture through buildings, objects, drawings and other non-verbal media as well as on the particular case as a design-driven research tool. These two local research communities will help to observe, compare and reflect differences and similarities within the various research traditions of the invited CA²RE+ community. Local PhD supervisors from the different communities will be invited to participate in the activities as observers and panel members. Local research traditions will be presented and discussed in the exhibition and keynote lectures.


(title photo: Copyright: HCU Hamburg)