Ljubljana 2021

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
CA²RE and CA²RE+
Chairs: Tadeja Zupančič, Boštjan Botas Kenda
24. September, 2021 – 28. September, 2021

April 10, 2021 _ Publication of Call for Abstracts
May 10 extended by May 17, 2021 _  Abstract Submission
Jun 10, 2021 _ Notification of Acceptance
Jun 30, 2021 _ Submission 2
Sept 24-28, 2021 _ Conference




Materials in the database




The project step REFORMULATION builds on OBSERVATION, SHARING, COMPARISON and REFLECTION of DDDr cases and their evaluation situations. It represents the first step in building the DDDr FRAMEWORK. The step of reformulation brings a refreshed idea of the doctoral evaluation training as an event as well as the translation of the DDDr STRATEGIES and EVALUATION processes to related disciplines, from which DDDr learns and integrates their knowledge from, but not necessarily translates the integrative knowledge back. This step redefines the experiential DDDr knowledge explication through performances and discussions with the widest possible audience, that is close and far enough to identify the results as relevant for their own research. This step identifies the outer limits of distance (from familiarity), where the DDDr can still be identified as relevant. The degree of relevance is also identified in relation to the different modes of distance (exotic enough to be interesting, generic enough to be applicable, unique enough to be triggering….) in relation to the relevance of the DDDr.


LJUBLJANA Research Culture

LJUBLJANA can express its research tradition through this project step with its sensitivity to delicate and even fragile places of our contemporary architectural and urban environments. The architectural culture in Slovenia reflects the small scale hybrid landscapes of settlements with a very high level of vulnerability of places, due to both natural and cultural spatial dynamics. The architectural and design research culture is thus hybrid and inclusive, open and flexible to a wide variety of DDDr research approaches. LJUBLJANA can also build on the experience as the organizer of the second in the CA²RE conference series in Autumn 2017. If that event was oriented to the supradisciplinary field or the arts and architecture, the CA²RE+ in Autumn 2021 looks to the wider context of humanities and social sciences. It takes the advantage of the established research ties between the Faculty of Architecture, the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Social Sciences and brings environmental psychologists, philosophers, anthropologists, urban sociologists, geographers, experts in cultural studies, experts in human resource management, and other related experts into the discussion.