Milano 2020

Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture and Urban Design, Italy
CA²RE and CA²RE+
Chairs: Fabrizia Berlingieri, Pier Paolo Tamburelli, Alessandro Rocca, Gennaro Postiglione, Jacopo Leveratto
28. October, 2020 – 30. October, 2020

The CA²RE and CA²RE+ events are planned online.



Materials in the database

The immediate impact on participants



The participants will develop a comparative analysis of the local research traditions, presented and discussed in the presentations, exhibition, keynote lectures, and previous events. From a phase of disciplinary opening, the focus will narrow by comparing design strategies and tactics applied to highlight common approaches and methodological recursions. The outcomes will then be deepened during the following event.


MILANO Research Culture

The PhD Programme in Architectural, Urban, and Interior Design of Politecnico di Milano has always pursued a line of research, which is focused on the relation between theoretical and operational practice in architectural and urban design, analyzed through the comparison and integration of two different protocols of investigation. The first concerns theoretical research on design paradigms, whereas the second considers design as the driver and/or the result of a research program to be pursued in response to a problematic assumption. According to this methodological procedure, during the event in Milano, CA2RE+’s staff and invited guests will ask the presenters to meet new problematic domains, by individuating specific links between their own theoretical, methodological and operational design tools.