Delft 2022 – Marta Fernandez Guardado – Areas

The preparation for the presentation was surely an important step for my dissertation, since it was the first time that I tested its overall arch, from the begging to the most recent conclusions, in a compressed and concrete manner. During the time before the conference, I became aware about the whole argument of my thesis, and about what are the key aspects and what is additional information that is not crucial for its understanding. It was a very challenging and regarding work. This was possible only because I knew that in Ca2re I would present it to an audience that would see it for the first time, as it is not the case when I present in my home institution. The audience and panelists were really generous with their feedback, beyond the presentation time. Their comments helped me to evaluate the legibility of the overall narration, to uncover unforeseen potentials, and to connect my work to the work of others. Also the critics that arose during and after my presentation had total sense for me. After this experience I will surely be able to describe my work in a more accurate and concise way. For me, the experience of Ca2re is not only the presentation and feedback, but also the opportunity of developing close connections with other candidates, panelists and participants, many warm and intelligent people with similar interests. I am very happy to feel accompanied, supported and understood, which gives me motivation to conclude my dissertation journey. Ca2re is not only an evaluation program but a boost of energy for continuing my research!