/ Experiences

Delft 2022
Montage as a Spatial Practice
Nina Bačun
Delft 2022
Architectural Montage as Design-Driven Research Tool
Đorđe Bulajić
Delft 2022
Potentiality and Questions
Carla Bulone
Delft 2022
Landscape Design Experience with Boundary Methods and Lessons one can Draw from Stories Concerning Rural Backgrounds
Jose Carrasco Hortal
Benito García Valero
Francisco Francés García
Delft 2022
A Design-driven Inquiry into the Counter-practices of World City Monumentality
Enrico Chinellato
Or Haklai
Delft 2022
An Experimental Taxonomy of Forms as a Vehicle for a Design Operation
Gianluca Croce
Mariacristina D’Oria
Delft 2022
Resilience Spaces. For a Spatial and Architectural Requalification
Ana Catarina de Silva Antunes
Delft 2022
A Thing-based Exploration into Personal Space
Marta Fernández Guardado
Delft 2022
Pedagogies from the School of Porto
Teresa Ferreira
Delft 2022
Designing Curatorship of Post-war Modernism Architecture
Adrian Fuhrich
Delft 2022
Integrating the Architectural Project to UNESCO Tools to Tackle Territorial Fragility: the Tivoli Case as a Pilot Experience
Sara Ghirardini
Delft 2022
ISHINOMAKI 2.0 – a Network of Grassroots Community Building
Anastasia Gkoliomyti
Delft 2022
Designing Cities with Children
Ana Catarina Graça
Delft 2022
Ethnography of Caretaking
Stefan Gzyl
Delft 2022
Video and Artefact as Phenomenological Reflection in Constructive Design Research
Maria Høgh-Mikkelsen
Delft 2022
Consciously Crafting Sensations in Clothing Design to Support Diverse Sensory Needs
Maureen Selina Laverty
Delft 2022
Coastal Ecological Passage (CEP) as an Innovative Nature-based Defense to Tackle Rising Sea Level
Jiaxi Li