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The Performance as Artefact: An Operatic Piano Performance
Tomas Ooms

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Fragments from proceedings (‘artefact submission’)’:

EPICURUS GARDEN The garden of the Epicurus (341-270 BCE). Different from other philosophers that practiced in public, Epicurus created an enclosed space in which a more inclusive school could be established. One could argue that the enclosed space of the garden was more public than the open space of the Painted Stoa where Zeno practiced. In the area around EPICURUS’ GARDEN, figures are meandering in a landscape of fragments. The spaces they explore, are constructed as an enfilade, it is a suite. A strange loop, a garden of forking paths, develops between Yard and World…

THE PERFORMANCE AS ARTEFACT The performance is a combination of a performed text and a piano score performed live. It becomes operatic. It is an experiment to explore the (musical) performance as research practice with the goal to test the ‘performance’ as a new vantage point on the author’s practice research, and from within this practice research. Epicurus Garden searches for ways to induce the practice research. The performance is designed as an enfilade that unfolds in the discursive space between: ‘Place, Moment, Relation’ and ‘Sound, Space, Wor(l)ds’, between Yard and World.

DRAWN INTO A STATE OF DISTINCTION The performance is an outlet of the design-driven research that examines the manifold of the authors’ practice. This manifold is an ecology of practices composed out of four ‘studios’: The Faculty Studio, the Office Studio, the Research Studio and the (Music) Composing Studio. The design driven research explores the mechanism of the ‘operationality’ of the form of re-entry. The real interest lies in the ‘spaces’ between the practices.

Performance as artefact, Practice Research, Architecture

DIALOGUES for piano solo – revisited and re-composed
The artefact is the performance of a piece of music (a suite, an enfilade, a cycle) as described in the research statement. For this a piano grand (probably ¼) will be placed in the artefact room of the CA2RE conference. At the time of writing, the involvement of a second instrument (human voices or other in under research).