Image, Sign and Recollection



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Roland Poppensieker

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Images and signs are extremely important components of the emotional and partly unconscious human perceptual practice, moreover they enable and facilitate the mental reception and processing of different, ultimately not only cultural works and values. Their subtle or even surprising use can set very effective cognitive as well as emotional processes in motion.

My research interest is an examination and reconsideration of the significance and potential of sign and image in architecture. My approach is to develop a contemporary and valid strategy of applying sign- and image-based levels of communication to the architectural. These levels may be of intuitive nature and based on immediate perception as well as of discursive fashion, referring primarily to the intellect. Even though I don’t exclude historic references (just as little as considerations of modern signs and images), my idea is not supposed to constitute a retrieval of simplistic historical images. My intention is more about determining the architectural in levels of association, which are originating, among others, from the field of type and topos relevant at the time, so that they finally constitute an integral part of the architecture.

The aim is – also in general – to investigate which types of images and signs can be possible and/or preferred starting points for opening up new levels of consciousness and knowledge in or through architecture. It will also be about the extent to which categories of the use of images and signs can already be formed in my own work. Based on my projects, the object of the investigation is currently especially the application and transformation of two-dimensional signs and images into the threedimensional. Letters and numbers are also considered.


image, sign, meaning, recollection, dimension