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Architecture and Urban design
Gitte Juul

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This paper uses a collaborative project that is taking place three weeks in September as it´s point of departure. The project is observing, registering and documenting an area in Copenhagen, which is appointed for city development despite massive resistance from citizen. The area provides a structure for many different ways of living – for many different people. The paper examines and registers the process of the resistance of citizens and at the same time it scans the ongoing city development approach, the political situation and the opinions towards the area itself with its cultural milieu, built environment, landscape and social relations. It explores the motives and reasons for city development priorities as well as it explores the different living conditions and possibilities of the self-grown community. It reflects on the organizational and collaborative set up of the project; – on how 150 1. year students of architecture – in dialogue with the local community, teachers of architecture, anthropology and architectural theory, a choreographer and a specialist in cultural heritage – have come together to observe, register and document the situation.

I follow the course of battle through participating in a debate at ‘Sydhavnens Folkemøde’, (The People’s Democratic Festival at the South Harbour Area in Copenhagen) – and through writing and creating an interactive website consisting of edited material from the student’s observations and registrations.

The project emphasizes the general conflict between commercial city development and how citizens want to live their everyday life. In perspective of earlier projects from the practice – the paper asks what and how we can learn from self-grown situations and how city development can remind itself of the importance of things and situations that are not visible on city maps.

For the conference I will show a digital presentation including the interactive documentary “Ang. Stejlepladsen” and a printed map of the PhD structure (60 cm x 84 cm)


Observation, registration, communication, participation, improvisation, interactive documentation