Public Space at the Interface of Interior and Exterior



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Spatial Perception and Experience
Daniela Bergmann

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What kind of relationship between interior and exterior public spaces create particular architectural qualities? How are these qualities to be put and evaluated in the historical and contemporary discourse? How can these qualities be translated into a design strategy?

I am intending to research the relationship of interior and exterior theoretically and practice based. Readability and orientation are qualities of perception, the dramaturgy of the spatial sequence a quality of experience. In the theoretical part I will examine and compare urban and architectural theories of perception and spatial experience, looking for similarities and differences. Starting with the concept of the “body-subject” (le corp proper /…/) and the “lived space” /…/ comparing different theories concerning the phenomenology of perception; I will look at relevant architectural and urban theories e.g. the image of the city and the visual sequence /…/, the serial vision/…/, the choreography of architectural spaces /…/, in order to find descriptions and categories of architectural qualities resulting of the perception and spatial experience in public spaces.

Within a case study I will analyse existing architectural concepts – such as the flowing space at city level/…/, the passage10 or the “traject”/…/ – with regard to historical development, variation and backgrounds. These build projects form the basis for the practice-based research. I am intending to address unused potentials or even weaknesses by carrying out a series of 4 architectural interventions or installations on different buildings on a scale of 1:1 and reflect the effect.


spatial perception, spatial experience, interface of interior and exterior