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Architecture and Photography
Trans-medial Process and Method
Maja Zander Fisker

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Fragments from proceedings (‘artefact submission’)’:


How can different creative practices inform and challenge each other? And, how can medial transpositions contribute to operate complex conditions in architectural creation? This project addresses the process of architectural creation as a trans-medial practice, here instantiated as an encounter between text, drawing, photography and model. The project enquires how these distinct medial affordances affect the architectural articulation through transpositions and interactions between them within an iterative process.


Architectural Media, Drawing, Model, Photography


The presented material is part of an ongoing research project on trans-mediality in the process of architectural creation. The enquiries are conducted through iterative series in the media of text, drawing, photography and model. The different stages of the process will be documented, but the presentation will put emphasis on the process of interaction between a physical model and photography. The contention of the project is that any material articulation always is engaged in and inseparable from its specific medial mode of expression. A given problem materialises in different ways when it is processed in different media and media environments. Thus, the differentiation of medial affordances is essential: the differences enacted in the trans-medial practice work as a vehicle for creation, premised on the transgression of the specific medium’s limitations. To identify specific medial affordances, the project enquiries establish sets of specific media environments.