Transformation of Cultural Environments



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Mathilde Kirkegaard

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The focus of the Ph.D. is transformation of cultural environments in Denmark. /…/ Almost like “branding” the perception of the cultural environment becomes vital for the collective development plan, and case-examples show how the narrative of the cultural environment can work as a strategic baseline for a development scheme and join the municipality, investors and the local community in the same development direction. /…/  the Ph.D.-project explores a democratic development by means of design interventions in a selected cultural environment. Through architectural registrations, qualitative interviews and field notes the project investigates the impact of the design intervention. The main subjects of the paper will consist of: the method ‘Research by Design’ as a catalyst for site-specific development,

‘Research by Design’ in relation to co-creation, and the balance of designer and researcher /…/  ‘Research by Design’ is present in physical site-specific interventions in the cultural environments with the aim to inform and invite the local community toparticipate in the development. ‘Action Research’ will allow the researcher (myself) to work to ways: both as a designer/facilitator and as a researcher.


cultural environments, heritage, research by design, action research, co-creation, citizen participation


Process oriented design intervention


The integration of the local community and relevant parties can vary from e.g.: actual cooperation /…/ to casual interaction with the design (using it, watching it, touching it) /…/. The effect of the implementation of the intervention will be documented before, during and after, and this is done through a field log with photographs and the investigations described above. The intervention will, as mentioned, strive to activate the cultural environment, open a dialogue and invite the local community and relevant parties to engage. /…/ The design interventions will work as catalysts

and strive to activate the respective area, and it has the purpose of exploring the opportunities and to change the perception of the area.

The Ph.D.-project originates from the perspective; that cultural environments contains both physical and social understandings and should be developed in relation to its context of social network and its physical context. The initial research question examines a social aspect of cultural environments, concerning the social network, the use and the relational value. In the second research question the understanding of cultural environments, as being part of and influencing its context, is central. The third research question explores the method by which cultural environments can be developed.