Verbiest: House and Workshop in a Warehouse


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Presentation / discussion and Selection


Abstract, Paper / artefact, and Poster


Harold Fallon
Benoît Vandenbulcke
Benoît Burquel

Files: abstract, poster, full paper

Fragments from proceedings (‘artefact submission’)’:


This project addresses the transformation of a large warehouse of about 1000sqm built between 1900 and 1970 in Molenbeek into a single family house and a shared artistic workshop. The project addresses various issues and themes, amongst which the environmental impact of the construction and of the future consumptions. The artefact is not limited to the design outcome but comprises the design process. /…/


Architecture; Transformation; Reuse; Design Process; Sustainability

The threefold presentation explores a possible medium to create artefacts which somehow can be considered equivalent to the project itself. Through the embodiment of a network of inputs and outputs in a creative act. By enlarging the scope to the entire process and to the stimuli surrounding it. While respecting the subjective nature of such networks. In order to provoke the interpretation of the project by the audience. Resulting in statistic objectivation through the endlessness actualization of graspable combinations.