Ljubljana 2021 – Maria Hansen – Evidence

There were a few presentations that covered the blurry area between architecture and arts, and it was these in particular that further deepened my understanding. (example the presentation from TU Delft/University of Trieste on Geometries of Time; and Hebrew University ‘How to Use a Monument’).

Milano 2020 – Maria Hansen – evidence

To me the evidence is a crowd that stays – this number seems very stable and that is a sure sign in an online event. This crowd could be larger and I would recommend we work on that aspect.

Trondheim 2020 – Alper Semih Alkan – Areas

… one aspect that was really stimulating was seeing the different and (mostly complementary) interpretations of the presentations by the reviewers in terms of the chosen methods research agendas and the definition of practice.

Ghent 2019 – Jacoppo Leveratto – areas

… it helped me individuate my research approach in a defining rather than confining way, evaluate other works in a propositive rather than negative manner, and reconsider research methodology in light of different parameters.

Ghent 2019 – Jacoppo Leveratto – triggers

Rather than being a simple event, the last CA2RE+ conference represented an immersive learning environment, in which relational and behavioral factors counted more than specific content ones.