Hamburg 2021 – Johan van den Berghe – transformation

I will further incorporate the impact in my further work by (1) my continued efforts for being open to all the signals (verbal, non-verbal and ‘between the lines’) in doctoral presentations, (2) by picking up these signals immediately and (3) by making the candidate attentive to his/her own signals in the subsequent panel conversation.

Hamburg 2021 – Aileen Iverson – transformation

I am a practicing architect and I see this research impacting my future projects in their model-building investigative stage and I also want to find opportunity to teach this in Universities so that students have a way of working digitally from a standpoint of ‘live’ design objects whose material properties are attached/ engaged with space.

Hamburg 2021 – Lidia Gasperoni – transformation

I will incorporate this experienced impact 1. in the theoretical reflection on DDDr describing its generative and transformative impact 2. In the institutional framing by advocating for the use of these practices in teaching and doctoral supervision 3. In organizing workshops specifically for doctoral students.

Milano 2020 – Lidija Gasperoni – transformation

I will continue to support the theoretical, practical and institutional relevance of this kind of research and of the related initiatives. Thematically I will go deeper into the agency of practice trying also to introduce my work on “Media Agency” to the community of the design driven research. And I will write in the next months a paper on the relevance of this research.

Milano 2020 – Anđelka Bnin-Bninski – transformation

For me it is not possible to explain the clear strategy of the incorporation of these CA2RE + experiences into my overall approach.. I think that the real impact is about the sharpening of tools, both pedagogical and related to personal research engagements, it is about thinking “outside of the box” and about courage to step out of established forms of knowledge building and knowledge exchange.

Milano 2020 – Maria Topolčanská – transformation

…  I proposed our doctorate program to build on this experience and attain this high standard of pre-event communication with external evaluators and panel members via not only book of abstracts but also framing the conference with positions that formulate starting points from the institutional side and key supervisors.

Ghent 2019 – Ajdin Bajrović – Transformation

…continue the work on research with a higher awareness of fragility of the research process. This includes additional work on research development as well as development of the presentation of research since it is closely related to understanding the process of research itself.